Dear 25-Year-Old Me…


I’m currently 20 and in my final year of university. I am also in a state of wanting to be in the past yet wanting to be in the future. I kind of wish I was still 15 yet can’t wait to graduate and get on with my life. I have written a list of things that I hope for the future:

  1. I hope you are less insecure. I am currently very insecure about every aspect of my life when that is completely ridiculous. I worry that everyone hates me and finds me absolutely repulsive. I am working on it and would love it if in 5 years’ time I am confident, comfortable in my own skin and able to be myself around others.
  2. I hope you have a super cool job that you love most of the time. At the moment I want to edit documentaries so I will probably need to learn Avid this year. Can I use Avid now? Is there another editing software out there that’s even better? I really hope I am successful in the future.
  3. I hope you are truly happy. I’m not sure if I have ever been truly happy so this is the thing that I wish for the most. I want to be happy and content with life. I have days where I am happy and life seems to be going well but there’s usually something that comes along to ruin it. Life isn’t that bad and I don’t want to spend it being miserable.
  4. I hope you have a dog. PLEASE tell me you have a dog! I want one soooo badly and they make everything better. If you don’t have a dog, please have a kitty or a rabbit. I just love fluffy animals and want them all.
  5. I hope you managed to live near London. At the moment I’m hoping to live near Reading area so I hope I am successful in that. I also hope that I get a nice place to live that is comfortable and I can decorate is any way that I want within reason obviously. I would like a house with a study room so that I can work from home especially as I am probably going to have to freelance.
  6. I hope everything works out with you and Dan. He’s pretty cool and he is my best friend. Maybe I’ll be engaged by then or even married? I really hope we get to live together and have cute puppies or kitties. I hope we have managed to go on that trip to Canada that we often talk about.

So much is going to happen in the next 5 years. I’m going to graduate, potentially buy/rent my first home, get my first proper job etc. I am so excited and scared for what the future has to come. I know that no matter what happens, everything will work out in the end and it may take some time but I will get to where I want to be at some point. What things do you wish to happen in the next 5 years? Let me know in the comments.


9 thoughts on “Dear 25-Year-Old Me…

  1. whyshelivestorun says:

    This might actually inspire me to do something similar (I am 24 already, so it’d be to my 30 year old self, but the idea in itself is great!). I hope you read this when you’re 25 and you’re happy how your life turned out 🙂 i’ll definitely credit you if I do write a similar post.
    Great one!

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  2. thesideshustlestories says:

    As someone in my mid-30’s all I can say is these things will come. Why? Because most of them are CHOICES!! There will come a day when you’ll just be like “I give zero F*cks” and suddenly you’re more secure. That same day you will go out and get a rescue puppy, move to London, be SUPER happy about the previous choices and land your perfect job. Boom. List achieved! Then you’ll be on to the next list 🙂

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  3. jodi says:

    I live in Canada, and it is beautiful here… I hope you come to visit also… and I really hope you get a dog, you won’t regret it, especially if you have lots of time to spend with one 🙂

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